Science fiction is what we do

Just imagine a table where stoves, recipes and cooking times are projected. In Benton Harbor, and in the other five centers in Mexico, Brazil, Italy, India and China, they are working on it. Here, the people study not only the present, to choose the best design, but plan the future, in 2, 5 and 10 years’ time.

The setting is one that would fascinate even the most skeptical.

A technology, somewhere between “touch” and something that has still not been tried out, would allow cooking, interacting with friends on social networks and using the same space to do something entirely different.

The enthusiasm of the young man who is explaining to us how technology is evolving, is palpable. He knows he is using a trick, because it projects from overhead, thanks to a remote control that he keeps hidden away, but he also knows that they are working seriously there.

It is not magic, but research and innovation. It is the most intriguing moment of the hour and a half spent in the design development laboratories. A genuine tour that has shown us how much work there is behind the success of a product. Nothing is left to chance. There is study, research, testing and analysis. And to finish, a touch of madness of great visionaries.

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