A tower of Babel on a coach

A Chinese woman, four Indians, three French people, an Italian, five Brazilians, a Guatemalan, two Argentineans, Pierre (whose nationality is unknown) and three Americans, the staff and driver.
This is the twenty-one strong group of participants on the International Media Tour. All with quite different origins, experiences and ages. Latin America is the continent with the largest representation, with seven participants; then come Asia and Europe, with five.
At first, the fast-paced sequence of initiatives did little to help us to get to know each other, but it was only a question of time, because the atmosphere changed on the second day, and during the evening in Greenville, the “Latin folks” focused the attention of one of the two tables, and discussions about history and football immediately arose.
The coach (with its driver) was the twenty-first participant. Twelve hours traveling between Illinois, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio, is, by no means, short.
It was a lovely experience to bring these three continents together. A tower of Babel, of great variety, that enabled us to learn about such different worlds. And it is pleasing to hear that Italy “es la mas bonita”. In spite of everything, we still have not destroyed credibility and beauty. These are the words of Brazilians, and not only.

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