Thank you

It was a real tour, covering 554 miles, across four states, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. Four towns and cities, Chicago, Benton Harbor, Greenville and Clyde. Three nights, in three different facilities (the lodge in Brandywine Creek was marvelous).
Whirlpool managed the whole initiative impeccably. Special thanks go to Kristine Vernier, Jody Lau and Lesli Davis Clarke, our delightful Muses and guides.

Thanks also go to Jill Saletta, Kim Thompson and Jeff Noel, who were always there for us. To Nancy Tennant, who organized a fascinating evening about innovation. To the chairman, Jeff Fettig, who received us and listened to us carefully; he is the “boss”, and the man that has most credit and responsibility for the new trends in Whirlpool. To the various directors and heads of the groups that took part in the various meetings and visits.
And for me personally, a huge thank you goes to Pierre, who translated most of the speeches for me, and who put up with me for three days.

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  1. Kristine Vernier scrive:

    Thank you so much for your wonderful company and insightful and entertaining blogs … We had a wonderful time as your guides and muses!

  2. Redazione scrive:

    Thank you Kristine. It ‘was really nice to share this tour. Talk to you soon and if you want to come to Italy we will be nice to do a guide for you

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