Among mixers and washing machines

Created in 1919, the KitchenAid “mixer” remains an icon. It is produced in the factory in Greenville, Ohio. Opened in 1996, this new production unit has 900 employees, who manufacture over two and a half million pieces. The mixer comes in no fewer than 52 colors, to satisfy every possible taste, and is the product that, as an “aid in the kitchen”, gave the brand its name.
The factory in Clyde produces washing machines. It is the largest factory in the world, and has 3400 employees who churn out over 20,000 pieces a day. “On my first day at work, I got lost in there, and it was only thanks to the perimeter wall that I managed to return to the entrance.” The person who guides us on the second part of the tour, which includes the visit to the corporation’s two production units, is Al Holaday, the vice President for North America.

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