Training young educators for the future of Haiti

Songs, laughter, fun, games, everything you would like to hear from the walls of a school. And it also happened to Mare Rouge, where a course for educators has just concluded. I went to attend the final day of this course and the joy of these young people was contagious. A cheer filled with hope and determination.
It was a course to teach young people to grow passing to other youngsters the “knowledge”, knowledge of the rules, precautions, the possibility of having greater self-confidence. Everything with lessons with members and personalities of public life, as well as many songs, especially religious, during which the students come alive again, forgetting about the things that surround them.
The lessons ended today. It was attended by around 60 young people from all four localities of the town: they stayed for a week in the San Jan Bosko school, attending classes in the morning and afternoon dedicated to spirituality, sociality, regulatory compliance, sexuality, and much more. To close these meetings was today the tale of some responsible youth from the parish of St. Anne’s parish youth who had participated in a conference where they talked about just these arguments. It is Wilsaint, Nadej, Egsert: “These youngsters were pleased with this experience, they competed with passion,” they tell us the attendances have been numerous both in the morning with religious encounters, and in the afternoon with the more social ones.
Among those present, as an observer, even don Mauro Brescianini, joint priest of the parish of Sant’Anna, who have organised the course: “There is a great willingness of the youngsters to participate and these moments are also during the year. The problem is above all to create an effective interest and provide continuity. But it is a problem common to all types of young people everywhere. These young people are indeed willing and participate with determination. True education is that which happens after this week, because you have to give concreteness to what has been said, carrying around what you have learned. This course we would like to become, beyond the faith, an incentive to become more connected with the world around them.”