Interview with the journalist of Malindi, Mr. Kenneth Aloise

Riporto di seguito l’interessante intervista nata tra una birra e l’altra, una piovosa sera di ottobre, con il giovane giornalista di Malindi, Mr. Kenneth Aloise.

Ci snocciola con competenza e facilità di parlantina, la città dalle molteplici facce, by day and by night, Miss Malindi !!!

Signore e signori, a voi tutti, buon ascolto 🙂

Tematiche dibattute:

1-Tourism in Malindi, good or bad ?

2-Drug and prostitution problems

3-% Hiv

4-Increasing of sexual trade

5-Age of prostitution

by gabriele

2 pensieri su “Interview with the journalist of Malindi, Mr. Kenneth Aloise

  1. Of course its a bad thing for me.(this is my opinion)
    But the answer arent easy and simple for prostitution…
    Because some people do it for their LIVING and also I guess they carry a lot of dangerous risk for their physically and mentally …
    But I want to know what are they thinking about HIV ,hepatitis infection and the other disease?
    Do they know how to infect them and how difference between HIV and AIDS?
    You let us know there’re big problems in Kenya .
    Now,you are understanding little by little.
    Then,I hope their mind will be change by your support.
    I guess change their mind,motivation and quality of life are difficult .
    But,dont give up.

    Yes,because Gabbo is coming here in Kenya 😛

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